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Corporate Film School #8: Editing, a corporate video how to series.

Published in June 30, 2021
Comments Off on Corporate Film School #8: Editing, a corporate video how to series. If just capturing scenes in the camera was all it took to make a great video, we’d all have a shot at being Fellini or Zhao.  Editing, and its’ fascinating psychological effects, is what makes film narratives sing.  But, maybe you don’t want to be Zhao or Fellini (why, are you busy?), you just want to make a video that is engaging and crisp.  Understandi

Becoming an ACS Juvenile Counselor (Trailer)

Published in July 19, 2016
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Very few projects have been as eye-opening and surprising as this video we produced for the Workforce Initiative of the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) about what it’s like to be a Juvenile Counselor in one of the City’s two juvenile detention facilities. As a kid in New York, you definitely want to avoid “juvie” but the staff we met were really inspiring; truly focused on giving kids

Busby Burlington!

Published in November 9, 2015
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With LA design firm SLAQR we produced this spot for Burlington and WEtv that helps young people make responsible choices about fall outerware. Added to Children and Animals as things to beware of on a shoot, we would add Trampolines, especially in combination with fashion footwear.

The Royal Treatment vs. Revolution

Published in October 30, 2015
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Today, even low-budget filmmakers have access to extraordinarily high production values. In addition to crazy levels of high resolution image capture, previously exorbitant devices like Steadicams (copies), jib-arms and sliders have been made relatively affordable, portable and are now standard equipment in many shooters’ arsenals. LED technology has transformed lighting; now a handful of small, lightwe

Hello Officer, Is That A Warrant or An Appearance Release?

Published in July 10, 2015
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People often ask us, is it true that police once raided a nightclub where the video feed from the StarBox was being projected live over the dance floor and causing what a sober person might call a riot?  Unfortunately, we're still not at liberty to discuss that night (although the resulting NY POST cover is framed in one of our edit rooms) but I’m happy to describe how the StarBox - the personal, portable

Urgency vs. Whimsy

Published in June 24, 2015
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One of many favorite moments from Cucaracha Theater Company shows a long time ago in a Tribeca that no longer exists was a monologue by Todd Alcott in which he tells a story about falling asleep while driving cross-country. He talks about the struggle to keep awake and how, when his eyes close, going 70 miles an hour down a two-lane highway, he begins to have “the most marvelous dream”. The whimsical de