Step inside our patented StarBox, alone or with a group, and you’re instantly a content creator. The curved capsule door closes with a WHOOSH and the soundproofed, cinema-lit, dual-microphoned, 4K image capture, personal television studio is yours. Tell us a story. Share your take on the event. Talk about the brand. Bust a move. This is your special, quiet, brilliant place to shine.
The StarBox is both a portable, personal, automatic TV studio and, a sleek aluminum attention-magnet ten feet tall and five feet wide wrapped with your branding/theme, an interactive billboard at events or high-traffic locations.

We all know that hams love a camera (and the ‘Box, of course – to coin a phrase – is catnip for hams) but the StarBox gives a comfortable forum for even the quietest, shyest people – it turns out that most people have astonishing things to share, they just want to do it on their own terms; no one asking them pointed questions, no crew poking a camera in their face. This is authentic, intimate and private interaction with hundreds of people a day.The StarBox is a content machine, delivering hundreds of priceless video clips that our clients use, sometimes instantly on social media, sometimes within hours at the same event and for months afterwards on every media platform.

At events and meetings, the StarBox is a buzzed-about interactive experience, an opportunity to participate in what’s happening on the main stage, a bonding agent and team-builder. People often come out of the ‘Box saying they “just put on a show” and, OMG, they really do.


The StarBox captures celebrations, heartbreaking true stories, honest feedback, brand insights, team shout-outs, karaoke, dance-offs – if it can be expressed, it’s going to look great in the ‘Box.Check out the samples here and contact us for more information about how to make rockstars out of your attendees.