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  July 10, 2023  

Corporate Video & AI…5 Amazing Things AI Can Do For You Right Now

At Pickerel Pie we help our clients make better corporate videos and one of the ways we do that is by keeping them aware of…

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  July 10, 2023  

Bees, Rockstars and Pollination 

AI-generated image of a “Summer Office Party with Watermelon” (disturbing or impressively expressionistic?) This is the season of the Summer Office Party – woo hoo!…

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  June 27, 2023  

Top 10 Tips to Make Better Corporate Videos

Concepts Every Producer and Client Should Understand  We call it Corporate Film School because, after a couple of decades of producing videos for top companies, and coming from…

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  September 13, 2022  

Talking Heads: King Charles Edition

We were just working on a new episode of #corproate film school about Talking Head shots when this very momentous talking head shot was broadcast. …

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  December 13, 2021  

Get Back to Setting: The Beatles on Location

George Martin: “Location isn’t really a main problem at the moment” Paul McCartney: “Breathing is, actually.” Sure, Get Back is amazing on many levels but, setting-wise, you’re stuck in one…

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  December 4, 2020  

What I Learned From that Octopus

On the surface (ha), My Octopus Teacher is your typical man meets mollusk love story. But, in terms of film language (below the surface, as it were), there…

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  November 19, 2020  

10 (surprising) Lessons Learned Producing a Large-Scale Virtual Event

virtual meeting controlroom

My home control room! After decades of doing it live in hotel ballrooms all over the world, our client’s global meeting was now going to…

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  September 28, 2016  

The Art of Asking Questions

The Interview is one of the fundamental modes of storytelling (what can you tell me about…?) and, yet, one of the most under-rated and, thus,…

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  August 25, 2015  

How To Make Your Videos Evergreen Or, How Did Neil Young Survive Punk Rock?

Our best clients spend substantially on video production and, with all but the most ephemeral projects, there is always the hope, if not the goal,…

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