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Corporate Film School #6: Voice Over: Who Does Your Company Sound Like? As corporate communications diversifies, what should the “Voice of God” sound like?   And do we really believe that someone (anyone) can tell us the way the world works?   In this episode of Corporate Film School, we address some of the issues confronting the use of voice-over - the (typically) unseen narration heard over images - that sets the tone and, to an unacknowledged degree, the authorial personality and background of a video.  Who do we hear when your company speaks? Filmed By: Christian Carmody Edited By: Amos Damroth

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Corporate Film School #5: B-Roll: the Mysterious Dark Matter of the Video Universe

In this fifth episode of Corporate Film School we look at an essential element of film language, particularly in documentary, that, despite its snappy name, gets very little attention:  B-Roll.  We propose that, in fact, B-Roll is so elemental to filmmaking and yet so invisible in the discourse around it, that it is the Dark Matter of the film universe, holding everything together and determining the shape and texture of every film and video we watch.  We also get to use this phrase, “like androids in some brightly-lit dystopia” which we feel has also been too rarely deployed in connection with Corporate Video.

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The Royal Treatment vs. Revolution

Today, even low-budget filmmakers have access to extraordinarily high production values. In addition to crazy levels of high resolution image capture, previously exorbitant devices like Steadicams (copies), jib-arms and sliders have been made relatively affordable, portable and are now standard equipment in many shooters’ arsenals. LED technology has transformed lighting; now a handful of small, lightweight and energy-sipping LED panels often replace crates of bulky, hot and heavy filament units. Drones that cost less than a crew dinner now shoot spectacular aerial footage that couldn’t be matched by a helicopter-mounted camera even if you could afford it. Super! Awesome. (as King George snarks about American…

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