When the pandemic suddenly stopped business as usual, we took a new look at our almost twenty years of making films and videos under the Pickerel Pie banner.  One thing we became aware of, over that time, working with dozens of clients on hundreds of projects, is that our clients would benefit from a better understanding of the language and grammar of film.  First, because the language of visual communication is fascinating and constantly evolving but also because, we think it would help the process of making great video if we all spoke the same language.  

This series, somewhat cheekily titled, Corporate Film School (where else can you watch movies all day and get credit?) is designed to introduce some of the elements of film language as they apply to corporate video. Moreover, we hope to inspire you to seek out great films and videos and try “reading” them for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the powerful grammar and vocabulary film offers us.  

This first episode in our Corporate Film School series is an introduction to the vocabulary and grammar of Film Language as it applies to corporate video.

Dewey Thompson

Edited by Liz Soolkin

Filmed by Christian Carmody