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Corporate Film School: Episode #3; Setting

Setting or How to Escape the Realm of the Undead It turns out that where we can shoot video is the aspect of production perhaps most disrupted by the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 Pandemic quarantine. And, with most communication – both business and personal – happening through video – almost exclusively shot at home – the focus on setting has been, well, kind of hilarious. The fact is that, while there may not be a Twitter account dedicated to it (but you should check) we consciously or unconsciously scrutinize every setting in every video we watch. Setting is a major element of film language and it delivers – like it or not – significant meaning to the content of the film or video. In this episode, the third in our series, we look at the forces compelling most corporate videos to be shot in some very dead (and deadening) settings and explore a few options that can offer more positive, interesting and, possibly, thematic support for the content delivered by whomever is being filmed. And, despite my pleas here for rethinking corporate video settings, as soon as the quarantine lifts and we can (if we ever do) return to our offices, I’m sure it won’t be long before @ratemyconferenceroom becomes a thing. Edited by Amos Damroth Filmed by Christian Carmody