Congrats, you run the company’s in-house video department; Now what?

We know – because many of our clients run in-house video departments within corporations –that the job is something of a high-wire balancing act.

On the one hand, you have a department full of creative producers and editors who want to explore and push boundaries with their work and make full use of their skill sets.

On the other, you have internal clients who are often not well-versed in film language or production and upper management who may not be seeing the ROI in creative storytelling and high production values. 

At Pickerel Pie, we have years of experience working right at the intersection of creative and corporate, and watching as best practices and industry standards have evolved. Corporate Film School is our forum for sharing and growing this knowledge base.

We reached out to two top corporate creative services leaders to discuss their experiences and share best practices about running a corporate video department.

Panel 1:  Hiring & Developing Creatives

How do you attract and motivate top creative talent within a corporate environment?

Panel 2:  Selling Video Internally

How do you get the resources (and props!) that video needs to shine?

Panel 3:  How to Deal With Notes

Feedback from internal clients are not always love notes.  Sometimes they don’t even seem to make sense.  How do you prepare your team to absorb and respond productively?

Panel 4:  Where Should Video Live in Your Org Chart?

As video grows as a communication tool, both internally and externally, where will it get the most creative and operational support?

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