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Monthly Archives: November 2020

virtual meeting controlroom

10 (surprising) Lessons Learned Producing a Large-Scale Virtual Event

My home control room! After decades of doing it live in hotel ballrooms all over the world, our client’s global meeting was now going to include 2 global live streams, 14 high-profile webcasts with VIP guest speakers hundreds of Zoom breakouts over 4 days in two time zones … what could possibly go wrong??? Spoiler Alert!  PLENTY.  And, despite – perhaps even, because of - that, it was all good.  Because hey, if you’re not trying to push the (constantly expanding) boundaries with your virtual events you’re not trying hard enough! Over the next two weeks I’ll share 10 tips culled from the last 8…

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Corporate Film School #5: B-Roll: the Mysterious Dark Matter of the Video Universe

In this fifth episode of Corporate Film School we look at an essential element of film language, particularly in documentary, that, despite its snappy name, gets very little attention:  B-Roll.  We propose that, in fact, B-Roll is so elemental to filmmaking and yet so invisible in the discourse around it, that it is the Dark Matter of the film universe, holding everything together and determining the shape and texture of every film and video we watch.  We also get to use this phrase, “like androids in some brightly-lit dystopia” which we feel has also been too rarely deployed in connection with Corporate Video.

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