The StarBox is a super-sized interactive billboard for your brand and/or group at events or high-traffic locations. It’s a unique combination of eye-popping signage and thrilling experience in one super-cool kiosk. At events and meetings, the StarBox is a bonding agent and team-building vehicle that inspires a spontaneous and often ecstatic sense of cohesion and community. People often come out of the ‘Box saying they “just put on a show”. Sometimes they really do.

How StarBox Works:

  • A hidden camera and lights are activated when the door opens.
  • Interactive touchscreen interface collects user emails and a legal appearance release.
  • HD video footage is live-captured, automatically branded (pre-roll, post-roll, lower thirds, watermark, etc.) in any way you want.
  • Video clips can be sent instantly to the user’s website, Facebook, YouTube and/or to your website where you collect fresh video content and drive traffic.
  • All content is monitored and filtered to your criteria before distribution
  • We can also edit, either immediately on-site or in our LA/NYC production facilities, to deliver a mind-blowing edited compilation video within hours.

Client Testimonial:

"At a recent Starwood Global conference for 2,300, the StarBox delivered scores of branding messages on a daily basis. Over four days, it delivered time and again at the deepest of levels of involvement and engagement for every attendee. Fantastic results!" 

Scott Williams, former Chief Creative Officer, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide


StarBox Delivers Brand Insights

We worked with Hitchcock Partners to use the StarBox to gather invaluable ethnographic research for one of their clients. Two big things going for us: the location was Times Square and the topic was women’s underwear. The challenge was that it was February. But the magnetic pull of the StarBox brought women out[…]

StarBox: aka NextBox for Starwood

StarBox: aka NextBox for Starwood

Starwood Hotels re-branded the StarBox as the NextBox to reflect the theme of their global conference in San Diego.  As you can tell, the conference attendees got very comfortable with the accomodations in the NextBox.  Clips from what happened in the ‘Box played every day during the general sessions and made the ‘Box THE place […]

Dolce Teaser

Dolce Teaser

When the StarBox was featured at the Dolce Hotels national conference, we gave attendees a taste of the potential in the ‘Box with this short tease, shown at the first day’s general session.